As your SEO performance ebbs and flows, it’s important to avoid tracking issues and get successful feedback. Continuous monitoring of SEO strategies to keep visitors flocking to your site and increase revenue necessary. In this sense, the most useful metrics and reports to evaluate your SEO status, We present it for you with real data thanks to professional tools. So, at the peak of your campaign What should you measure to stay?

Why SEO Analytics and Monitoring are Important?

SEO monitoring is the process by which we consistently observe your campaign efforts and results to better understand the metrics that are crucial to the success of your SEO strategy. With SEO monitoring, you can track the metrics that affect the results your SEO efforts produce, including time on page, bounce rate, page speed, and We track key metrics, including more.

Traffic Flow

Monitoring your SEO process starts with tracking your level of visibility on the search engine results page (SERP). The amount of organic traffic you receive from ranking is an important proof of the impact of your strategy on users. We utilize the most effective tracking tools to monitor changes in traffic flow. In this way, we set custom alerts, notifications for certain percentages of decreasing traffic. As with any SEO analysis, further investigation of your rankings, target audience and market conditions is required to understand any significant differences in your site’s visits. This is how we understand the possible cause of unexpected changes, such as a decrease in demand for your products. We can further segment SEO tracking of organic traffic by subcategories, such as landing pages. If you have spikes in traffic from certain landing pages, you can clearly witness positive growth on those pages. But poor traffic on other landing pages means you need to revamp your content for better results.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate, a measure of people who leave your site by visiting only a single page, is an instrumental measurement. Because it shows how impressive your site is for visitors. You can compare the percentage of visitors who leave after a single-page navigation to the percentage of visitors who leave after a conversion, a low bounce rate would be ideal for your site. However, your pages do not meet users’ needs or are difficult to use, bounce may cause your rate to increase. In this sense, it is necessary to pay attention to the bounce rate. Therefore, it is important to optimize your page and must act quickly to attract the attention of potential customers. Bounce rate There may be some reasons for the increase.

For example, your page load speed may have slowed down, which may force impatient visitors back to the SERPs. incentives. When you receive a warning about a high bounce rate, you should focus on your problem areas. we perform an SEO audit on your behalf to focus on your website. Careful analysis to monitor bounce rate, leveraging the powerful tools of SEO monitoring we do. Depending on the structure of the keyword and the page, we can find out how quickly visitors exit we identify the exact pages.

Click Through Rate

Click-through rate audit to check how effective your title and meta description are is very important. Your click-through rate results are what people see in SERPs and click on reflects the percentage. In this sense, it is an important starting point for our SEO strategies. You might think that the click-through rate is only related to your ranking, but it’s not. can also turn your ability to respond into data. Your title therefore seems to answer the basic question If it appears, it may be an opportunity for users to skip the top-ranked sites and increase your click-through rate. is much more likely. This effective SEO tracking tool is closely related to organic growth. In this sense, click-through rate analyzes correctly will ensure that you stay in tune with the first impression from the SERP.

Conversion Rate

Clicks and traffic are very important, but the actions of your users can mean different things. Newsletter the conversions you want, such as registration or checkout page navigation, are aligned with your overall business goals must be compatible. Tracking the SEO process through your conversion rate is a key to converting site visitors into customers. is linked to your skill. Therefore, setting a goal for your site and user engagement steps Required. E-commerce stores specifically need to organize their fixed revenue from SEO optimizations in order to needs conversion rate tracking. In this sense, as CodeAd, we can track how open users are to your site. to assess whether it is a good fit for the country.

Keyword Ranking

Analyzing keywords carefully due to their great importance in terms of SEO Required. Analytics over time will show that your keywords are on the number one page of the SERPs. whether they appear or not. Your lowest ranking keywords will show up for better keywords words or try to make these pages stand out. SEO keyword tracking allows you to stay informed about your site’s ranking in the SERPs, this is also the right strategy to climb higher and get more visibility. allows us to create.

Site Exit Points

Pages that lack interesting information and useful data are likely to lead visitors to exit your site. where they do it. In other cases, your visitors will only be interested in the content embedded in your content. may be following links. Depending on where, when and why your page visitors leave, you may be able to get the most out of their experience. to ensure that they benefit in the best possible way. Accordingly

You can also create a detailed plan for the products and pages you want to redirect to on your site and make the best use of the process. managed in the right way. Knowing what drives people away from your site is important for your strategy. Reversing this effect we identify for you which productive actions you need to take.


Highlighting the best parts of your site is one of our most important goals. That’s why Google’s important It is a useful method to ensure that it notices the changes and to sort your pages accordingly will be. Re-crawling allows Google to find updates and give it the ranking it deserves in the SERPs. allows your site to be viewed. There are SEO tracking tools to record the crawling behavior of search engine bots. Google Search The console allows us to know the number of pages that Google has crawled. This allows us to know the number of pages and see the number of pages it crawls on a regular basis and see if your SEO strategy is still in play. we can understand. Google has a crawl speed limit, which contributes to page crawl frequency and selection. Crawling, Googlebot requesting too many crawl requests per second if it slows down your server speed in case Google needs to adjust the maximum number of times Google crawls your site. During the process of tracking Google’s crawling habits, your changes will be displayed in the SERPs and You can be sure that user satisfaction is at the best level.

Benefit from our Expert SEO Monitoring and Analysis Service

SEO monitoring is a permanent process that we can overcome with the right tools and our professional team. SEO data-powered to drive visitor influx and revenue growth while tracking your trials and tuning your site solutions. Our professional analysis and monitoring services will further advance your SEO campaign and provide your site with qualified drives traffic. CodeAd Performance Agency will fit the unique needs of your business and we create a strategy to achieve your goals through optimization.

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