You need to constantly check the SEO techniques you are applying. This is the SEO audit, which is part of search engine optimization. SEO audit includes the control and audit of the techniques applied to the website. For this reason, we can say that it is necessary to know how to do the audit as well as the main purpose of SEO.

The SEO audit includes keyword research, the content on the website and whether the content is optimized for search engines. In addition, many techniques such as website speed, mobile compatibility and URL structure are also included in the search engine optimization audit.

When conducting an SEO audit, these techniques should be examined and turned into a report. Because various factors should be considered and audited on websites where search engine optimization is applied. After the audits are done, you can start improvement works by identifying the deficiencies on your website.

What Does an SEO Audit Include?

There are certain items that search engines examine to recognize websites. These items are called SEO techniques. As we mentioned before, SEO techniques should be kept under constant supervision after they are applied. Because search engine optimization is not among the methods that you can apply once and get results.

For this reason, we need to know which items are included in the SEO audit. Otherwise, if we do not follow SEO techniques, our rankings in search engines that are constantly improving themselves will decrease. In such a case, the organic traffic and brand awareness you provide to your brand will also decrease.

Keyword Audit

Keyword analysis is performed for your content on your website. Keyword analysis allows your content on your website to be understood by search engines and thus allows your site to rank higher. For this reason, you need to constantly analyze your keywords and content. Because with new updates, the rules set by search engines may change.

Connection Control

One of the steps in search engine optimization is outbound/inbound links. These links are just one of the SEO techniques you should apply to increase your site’s organic traffic. The links you use from your website or another site both strengthen your site and increase the popularity of your site.

For this reason, you should constantly monitor your outbound/inbound links. This way you can remove links to other damaged sites or drive organic traffic to other pages on your website.

URL Structure Inspection

URLs, one of the SEO techniques, determine how the addresses of the pages on your website appear. The reason for URL checking in search engine optimization is that the pages on your website should be understandable by search engines. Search engines pay attention to the URLs of web pages. For this reason, you need to check the URLs on your website to be healthy in terms of SEO. Otherwise, the search engine will not recognize the addresses of the pages and you will start to go down in the rankings.

Speed and Mobile Compatibility Audit

Other points that search engines pay attention to in websites are speed and mobile compatibility. It is important for users that websites have a fast structure on mobile and internet systems. For this reason, search engines also attach importance to this point. Since having a fast structure of your website is one of the factors to be considered for your ranking, it should be kept under constant control. Likewise, ensuring mobile compatibility is one of the necessary steps for you to provide a good ranking and to be seen successful by search engines.

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