In addition to achieving a better ranking in search engines, SEO consultancy also makes different technical applications. Studies to increase the user experience of your website are also included in SEO consultancy. Search engine optimization consultancy offers keyword research, site content, site structure and many other factors to its customers.

Thanks to the consultancy service you receive, the organic traffic rate of your website increases significantly. This is one of the factors that ensure brand awareness and rapid business growth. For this reason, especially startup companies should receive SEO consultancy services. Because SEO consultancy has the necessary knowledge and skills to help your website achieve high rankings in search engines.

SEO Tips: How to Create a Search Engine Friendly Website

There are certain steps you need to follow to create a website friendly for search engine optimization. These steps are important practices to promote your site to the search engine. SEO is one of the indispensable techniques to get organic traffic and attract potential customers to your website. Therefore, when creating an SEO strategy, your website should be friendly with search engines.


You should do keyword research for your website and optimize keywords for your site. In this way, you can organically attract potential customers who are researching about your site to your site.

Site Speed

The speed of your website is one of the factors that search engines pay attention to. Because fast websites allow users to stay on the site. Since search engines are based on user experience, a fast website will help you both rank high and keep users on your site.

Mobile Responsive

With the increase in technological devices, we started to make our website visits even from phones. For this reason, one of the successful SEO techniques is considered mobile compatibility. Your site must be mobile-friendly for users to have a healthy website experience.

Titles and Meta Descriptions

Title and meta descriptions are one of the helpful factors for search engines to understand the content of your website. Because for search engine optimization, you need to explain the content of your site to search engines correctly. In this way, the search engine analyzes the content of your site and positively affects the ranking accordingly.


One of the points to be considered among SEO techniques is the content. The content you include on your website must be original, high quality and useful. Because search engines do not classify content that is written irregularly and does not work for users as useful content. In such a case, your ranking in search engines can drop drastically.

Things to Consider in SEO Consultancy

There are several items to be considered in SEO consultancy. The first of these items is to apply SEO techniques suitable for customer needs. Customer needs are one of the priority issues in search engine optimization consultancy. Customers should learn the technical service they need and effective work should be done in this regard.

Another item to pay attention to is SEO trends. Search engine optimization is not just about technical applications. It also includes efficient reporting, analyzing data correctly and working result-oriented. It is also necessary to conduct performance studies to measure the impact of the work done on customers’ requests.

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