Brand Management

marka yönetimi

The branding process involves a business building a strong and compelling brand identity beyond just its products or services. At CodeAd Growth Agency, we offer a comprehensive approach to discovering and defining your brand’s unique values and messaging, and presenting these characteristics in a way that communicates effectively with your target audience. Branding, brand communication […]

Social Media Management

sosyal medya yönetimi

As CodeAd Growth Agency, we offer professionalism, strong and creative perspective in the field of social media management. By managing your brand’s social media presence with strategic and creative methods, we ensure that you attract attention with original and popular designs. By closely following social media trends, we ensure that your brand is always up-to-date […]

Hosting Services

hosting hizmetleri

CodeAd Growth Agency offers professional, powerful and uninterrupted hosting (server) services to strengthen your business’s online presence. The basis of success in the digital world is a solid hosting infrastructure. With this awareness, we provide your business with high-performance, reliable and constantly accessible web hosting solutions. Powerful Server Infrastructure High Performance: We offer high performance […]


IT Network

CodeAd Growth Agency offers comprehensive IT Network services to strengthen your business network infrastructure and support you on your digital transformation journey. With advanced network solutions, we optimise your business’ communication and data flow, maximising efficiency and security. Our goal is to consolidate your business’s technology infrastructure and ensure an uninterrupted workflow. Network Design and […]

SAP Consultancy

SAP Danışmanlığı

CodeAd Growth Agency provides comprehensive SAP consultancy services to help businesses simplify complex business processes and increase their efficiency. Using SAP’s powerful software solutions, we accelerate the digital transformation of businesses and open sustainable growth paths. Our goal is to maximise the technological capacity of your business and provide a competitive advantage. Key Elements of […]


Grafik Tasarım

At CodeAd Growth Agency, we add meaning and value with every touch by skilfully working on the visual language of your brand. Our graphic design services cover a wide range from logo and corporate identity creation to UI/UX designs, social media visuals, website and application interfaces. Our goal is to communicate your brand’s message clearly […]

Brand Communication

Marka İletişimi

Brand communication is about accurately and effectively communicating your brand’s story, values and mission to your target audiences. At CodeAd Growth Agency, we offer comprehensive and customized solutions to capture the essence of your brand and share it in a way that resonates with your potential customers. We understand the power of brand communication and […]

What is Local SEO (Local Marketing)?

Local Seo (Lokal Pazarlama)

Location marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on the target audience in a specific geographical area. Search engine optimization can be used to reach a wider audience, or it can be used to reach users in your geographic area. Local SEO techniques have an important place for companies doing business in certain regions.

What is Off Page SEO?

Off Page Seo

Off page SEO deals with factors outside your website and helps increase its rankings in search engines. It also includes search engine optimization techniques with areas outside your website. You can also benefit from SEO techniques with factors outside the steps applied within the site.

What is SEO Game Plan?

SEO Game Plan

SEO game plan, one of the terms used to create a search engine optimization strategy, ensures that your website ranks high in organic search results. SEO game plan is applied to create a plan of technical strategies that enable your website to rank high in organic search results.


Size, çözüldüğünde sitenizin sıralamasını iyileştirecek ve web sitenize gelen trafiği artıracak SEO sorunlarını gösteren bir PDF raporu e-posta ile göndereceğiz.


We will email you a PDF report showing you the SEO issues that, when resolved, will improve your site's ranking and increase traffic to your website.