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CodeAd Culture

As CodeAd performance agency, we create specific strategies in line with the needs of customers and carry out effective work in the field of brand awareness and SEO. After analyzing the needs of our customers in detail, we create the necessary strategic moves thanks to our professional team in their fields. These strategies are implemented by our team in software, graphics, content and SEO departments. Our services offer effective features for our customers to achieve better rankings in search engines and to get ahead of their competitors with the strategies applied.

Our team, which operates in different fields, is divided into four as SEO, content, software and graphic design. Strategies prepared in line with the requests of our customers are realized by our team and a solution is reached. In addition to search engine optimization, we also offer web design, project design, content production and software services in line with the wishes of our customers.

CodeAd Şirket Faydaları

Güncel Başlangıçlar

1. Review of the Applicant

Your application is evaluated according to the main criteria for the position


To show your skills, we will give you a small task to complete.

3. Pre-Interview

We will invite you to a meeting with some of the team.

4th Trial (Paid)

Completes a paid trial project or trial day.

5. Offer

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Size, çözüldüğünde sitenizin sıralamasını iyileştirecek ve web sitenize gelen trafiği artıracak SEO sorunlarını gösteren bir PDF raporu e-posta ile göndereceğiz.


We will email you a PDF report showing you the SEO issues that, when resolved, will improve your site's ranking and increase traffic to your website.